New Seed to Share Garden Completed August 29th!

After a crazy summer filled with torrents of rain, cloudy skies and a wide range of temperatures – our farm crew, led by Farm Manager, Edil – completed and filled with compost the final (128th!) bed in our new Seed to Share Garden on August 29th, 2018.

The construction of this one-acre universally accessible network of raised garden beds has been every bit a lesson in patience and perseverance, coupled with the satisfaction of a job well done through persistence and grit…

Not only did the team fill the beds…they immediately began growing vegetables in the beds as they were assembled…to date the Seed to Share Garden has yielded almost 500 lbs of cucumbers, which were donated to the Salvation Army in Norristown and Manna on Main Street in Lansdale.

And just this week our first harvest of cabbage, carrots, potatoes and eggplant were donated to Garden of Health for distribution within Montgomery County food banks (another 200 lbs!).

And we are just getting started…great things lie ahead!

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